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Have you ever had a question about your sexual and reproductive health that you were too embarrassed to ask your doctor about? I know I have. 

Each episode, join us and a special guest as we discuss puberty and menopause and everything in between! 

Episodes are released every 2 weeks on Wednesday. 

Please note that this content is not intended to replace medical advice, but to provide you with some basic information for how to start the conversation with your healthcare provider. 

Dec 5, 2020

Have you ever wondered what happens after sexual abuse? Who are the people looking out for others when something like this happens? How does the system currently work, and how it’s being made better? Joining us is Aileen Holland, a registered ER nurse making a difference in the field of sexual assault investigation. 

For those who need to reach out, support services are available at: Assaulted Women’s Helpline 24/7 toll-free at 1.866.863.0511. Further local resources are available on your local official provincial health websites.

Infographic: What to do after Sexual Assault