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Have you ever had a question about your sexual and reproductive health that you were too embarrassed to ask your doctor about? I know I have. 

Each episode, join us and a special guest as we discuss pelvic floor health, puberty and menopause and everything in between! 

Episodes are released every 2 weeks on Fridays. 

Please note that this content is not intended to replace medical advice, but to provide you with some basic information for how to start the conversation with your healthcare provider. 

Feb 28, 2023

Join us together for another episode with Dr. Ameeta Singh, a clinical professor from the University of Alberta with a special interest in sexually transmitted infections and HIV. Listen in on our conversation about the transmission of currently circulating STIs and the new Monkeypox...

Feb 14, 2023

Join us together with Dr. Phil Bach from the University of Alberta to start our new season of the podcast with a chat about male reproductive health, fertility and erectile dysfunction. Challenges with male reproductive health and fertility are widely under-recognized and we hope this episode brings this to light.