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Have you ever had a question about your sexual and reproductive health that you were too embarrassed to ask your doctor about? I know I have. 

Each episode, join us and a special guest as we discuss puberty and menopause and everything in between! 

Episodes are released every 2 weeks on Wednesday. 

Please note that this content is not intended to replace medical advice, but to provide you with some basic information for how to start the conversation with your healthcare provider. 

Jun 6, 2023

This episode will finish off the fifth season of our podcast. In this final episode, we are joined by Dr. Brotto a leading researcher and expert on mindfulness and its impact on sexual health and well-being at UBC, to discuss how mindfulness can improve sex lives post illness such as cancer or in...

May 23, 2023

Join us as we welcome back Dr. Chronopoulus to chat all things regarding LGBTQ+ sexual health with helpful tips and resources. If you are interested in revisiting our previous episode "Providing Transgender Care" with Dr. Chronopoulus where we had a conversation about providing care for gender and sexually diverse...

May 9, 2023

Join us in discussing the support of loved ones as they experience menopause in advance of Mother's Day weekend. In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Beate Sydora and Dr. Sue Ross to learn more about menopause and how it impacts women's quality of life. 

Apr 25, 2023

In this week's episode, we are joined by Dr. Ina Park from the University of California, San Francisco to discuss the multifaceted history of sexually transmitted infections. We hope that this episode can build on our previous episode 56 on STIs and Monkeypox and help learn more about STIs. 

Apr 11, 2023

We are delighted to be joined by Dr. Jessica Kirkwood on this week's episode to explore inner-city reproductive health. Dr. Kirkwood, speaks on harm reduction in the inner city population.